How to reset your Mondaine Chronograph watch?

Published: 16th November 2010
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Mondaine, the simple yet classic watches have become quite famous among people over the time. The brand manufactures the watches in a simple manner, but in a way that surely catches everyone’s attention thus making everyone preferring these watches over the others. The watches are actually a production that is influenced by the classical railway clocks. Swiss Company "Mondaine Watch Ltd is the company that actually manufactures the complete line of various kinds of these watches and even clocks. And maybe this is why these watches are the official watches of the Swiss railways.

The watches are actually great accessories, as they serve a dual purpose. You can remain aware of the time always and also by wearing such classic watches by brands like this, you can add a class to your personality hence enhancing your personality. While having this in mind, the brand offers some exclusive watches having some special features. The various lines of watches offered by the brand include quartz watches, chronograph watches, 2nd time zone watches, sport watches, feminine watches etc. Among these watches, chronograph watches by this brand have become quite popular, but there seems to be one thing bothering the consumers buying/wearing this particular watch and that is they can’t make out that how to reset their Mondaine chronograph watch? So, if you too are having the same problem then here we are to guide you through a step by step process. Here you go;

- Have a close look at your Mondaine watch and look for 3 buttons on right side of the watch. These buttons would be letters as A, B and C.

- Now you got to stretch the button (B) to position 2. Then buttons (A) and (C) are to be pressed at the same time and this should be done for minimum 2 seconds. This step actually takes you to the adjustment mode.

- Once you would enter the adjustment mode, you would have to then press button (A), so that the chrono second hand starts moving toward 12. And for adjustment, you would have to press the button (C).

- Now for adjusting 10th second hand, you got to keep pressing the button (A) till the time it goes to 10. And again for adjustment, you have to press button (C).

- After this, for adjusting chrono minute hand, keep pressing the button (A) till the hand would be at 30 and press button (C) to confirm the adjustment.

- And in the end, you got to press the button (B), the crown button back inside and press and keep holding for minimum 1 second for the fast forward of button (A) .

This completes your reset and by now you must have gotten an idea that how easy it is to do it. You just have to follow these steps in a synchronized manner and get going with the newly adjusted time on your favorite Mondaine watch.

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